Call for Proposals for 2016-2017!

The Keck Geology Consortium is now accepting project concepts/ideas for 2016-2017 Keck Projects.

If you would like to discuss project ideas for 2016-2017 and beyond, please contact Robert J. Varga.

Faculty Support for Student Application to the Keck Program

Forms for Faculty Project Directors/Faculty on Upcoming 2016-2017 Projects

Forms and information for Faculty on Current 2015-2016 Projects

  • 2016 Symposium Information
  • Guidelines for Short Contributions: This document is sent to students but has the general formatting guidelines for both student and Director’s submissions. Please look at past Symposium Director’s submissions to see the general style and content. Such contributions should lay out the general background, scientific questions and goals as well as place each student’s research into context. This is not the place to wax at length on faculty research. Deadlines are as follows:
    • Student Draft to Research Advisor: by Late February – talk to your Student!!
    • First student draft to Project Director: by Friday March 4, 2016
    • Final draft of both Student and Projector Directors papers to the Keck Office: by Monday March 14 , 2016


Resources for Short Contributions and other Publications:

*PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SHORT CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE KECK DIRECTOR as email attachments to bob.varga@pomona.edu

*Instructions for ‘Short Contribution’ submission.
Poster Logos:  Keck Banner, ExxonMobil, National Science Foundation

*On both your Short Contribution and on any subsequent publications, you MUST acknowledge the support for your project from the Keck Geology Consortium, The National Science Foundation (see below) and ExxonMobil Corporation.  The current NSF grant number is NSF-REU1358987*

*Guidelines for Publications Mandated by The National Science Foundation